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I eat a lot of dietary supplements – so many in fact that my friends often laugh at me when they see the amount of pills I eat on a daily basis. Besides my multivitamin tablet, I (among others) take Great Hair Complex to boost my very fine Scandi hair, Wrinkles Away, a powerful combination of nutrients, like collagen and hyaluronic acid, which help promote fresher, healthier and younger looking skin, and Organic Coconut Oil that has many health benefits – it strengthens the immune system, promotes weight loss and has a beneficial effect on your skin. For me it makes perfect sense to boost the skin from within as well as using the right products on my skin. I wish I was able to get all of my vitamins through a balanced diet including lots of greens and fish, but I’m not- so I get a little help. I still try to maintain a healthy lifestyle but not as healthy as I could wish for, so I add that little extra to my diet. 
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