A Curated Closet

A new year and a new season announces a fresh start. A fresh perspective on your wardrobe. My goal in 2016 is to reduce my closet and get rid of things I don’t really use. I will try to cultivate a wardrobe that feels true to my aesthetics and can stand the test of time and passings trends. I will be looking to some old style rules like the five-piece French Wardrobe and the 80/20 solution. The 80/20 wardrobe plan is simple but requires a long term plan for the season. 80% of your budget goes towards carefully planned items to fill gaps in your perfect basic wardrobe and 20% of your budget is to spend on sales, impulse buys and quirky ‘on trend’ items you can’t resist even though they may not me right up your alley. The perfect basics should go with everything you already own, be something you can wear over and over again until it falls apart – basically be the glue that holds together your more whimsical pieces (see here which items you need to set the foundation for a perfect wardrobe). The French plan simply goes – limit your new purchases to five non basic items per season. These items will make your wardrobe feel current and fresh. These five are on top of my spring summer 2016 list; a loose fitted silk blazer like this Stella McCartney, a slip dress as seen at Céline, a track jacket de luxe by Chloé, a short boxy Loewe jacket and a pair of cropped flared Proenza Schouler pants. 
A curated closet Nouvelle.jpg

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