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Växthuset & Le Grand Moyeu

& Other Stories just launched two new fragrances to their line of scented candles – Växthuset – an inspiration to their Stockholm Atelier, a serene green scent and Le Grand Moyeu where the charm of their Paris Atelier shines through in a blend of sweet and playful notes. Furthermore they introduce a box of three mini scented candles. The perfect gift. To celebrate the two new scents & Other Stories asked makeup artist and food creative Yo-Kaw Pat to work her magic and interpret the notes of the new scented candles in two recipes. For Växthuset she created dumplings with a surprising liquorice note from juniper berries and for Le Grand Moyeu – figs filled with a rich Earl Grey sauce. Find the recipes here. 
& Other Stories scented candles.jpg
New Scented Candles.jpg

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