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Louis Vuitton Series 3

This weekend I spent 24 hours in London – not nearly long enough, but since I was in Stockholm working on Saturday I didn’t have the chance to go earlier. I flew over for the opening of the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibition at 180 Strand, an exhibition showcasing Nicolas Ghesquière and his creative process and influences. A stream of consciousness, dreams and self-reflexive journeys as described in the press release. A sensorial journey, venturing deep into the designer’s soul and an artisan’s heart. It was truly an adventure going through the exhibition. Followed by an amazing cocktail party packed with the essentials – champagne, drinks, celebrities and a sticker wall so you could bring home your initials and beautiful bags and shoes. The exhibition opened for the public yesterday and runs until October 18th. If you are in London you should stop by. 
LV Series3 London.JPG
Louis Vuitton stickers series 3.jpg
Maiken Winther LVSeries3.jpg
Louis Vuitton exhibition London.JPG
Louis Vuitton stickers.jpg

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