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Copenhagen Fashion Week is just around the corner and that means taking a lot of pictures. I’d rather not drag my huge camera around all day, so I need to be able to use the camera in my phone. That being said, I have been thinking about giving the new Samsung Galaxy S6 a try. First of all it looks great (you all know I would choose the black one), but besides being chic, it has a lot of great features. 

It has enhanced battery life which is crucial when you are constantly on the move. Just 10 minutes of ‘Fast Charge’ will give you up to four hours usage. And super convenient it has built in wireless charging – simply pop your Galaxy S6 edge onto a charging pad. For the upcoming shows, I need to be snappy with the camera, and the Galaxy has Quick Launch that can launch the camera in just 0,7 seconds (and it has “two” cameras 16 mp back and 5 mp front). The body is aluminium and the glass is Gorilla Glass 4 – the most durable glass on any smartphone – not bad. Be sure to follow on Instagram – not only for Fashion Week, but this week I will, in collaboration with Samsung, show you three of my favourite spots in Copenhagen. See you on Instagram @m_nouvelle

The pictures are from last season, where I met Daiane Conterato backstage at the Sand show. See more about the Galaxy S6 here.

In collaboration with Samsung

 Daiane Conterato on Nouvelle.png
 Daiane Conterato by Nouvelle.png

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