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A fragrant travel companion as they describe it – the honeycomb card delivers a light scent to your everyday life – whether you use it in your suitcase, your wardrobe or in your handbag. Aoiro is the Japanes word for “the colour blue” and behind Aoiro you find Japanes scent designer Shizuko Yoshikuni and Austrian communication designer Manuel Kuschnig, based in Berlin and Tokyo. They have created Colors Japonica – a series inspired by the delicate and graceful feeling of traditional Japanese colours and expressed into the four scents, Yanagi Iro, Daidai Iro, Sora Iro and Kohaku Iro. All created from 100 % natural and pure essences and absolutes – carefully distilled and extracted from flowers, woods, citruses and spices. The fragrance cards are individually infused with fragrance and comes in a smart resealable bag. I will try with one in my bedroom and wake up to the scent of Yanagi Iro tomorrow – the colours of serenity. A balancing, lively and harmonious scent made of sophisticated green notes of petitgrain, ylang ylang, ginger, grapefruit, sark and West Indian sandalwood. More on Aoiro here
Aoiro Airdesign - Colors Japonica.png

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