Day 4

The Art Of Packing

Summer is here a so is holiday season. I just got back from Roskilde Festival – or back – I went home every night for a warm shower and my own bed (too old for the tent thing). Now my vacation starts for real. Besides visiting my family I might go to Paris for a quick weekend getaway. Everyone knows it’s crucial to be able to pack a tight suitcase in order to travel light, and be able to bring home lot’s of shopping and Pharmacy goodies. I must have packed a million suitcases when I worked as Fashion Director for Costume – so I’m no rookie at getting as much as possible into a tiny suitcase. But you can always improve your skills. So I teamed up with Louis Vuitton and they taught me how to master “The Art Of Packing”. A team of specialists flew in from Paris bringing exclusive Louis Vuitton treasures for me to pack. Here’s a look into my kind of suitcase (yes, I always bring two pairs of sunnies – just in case) and the best packing tips from me & Louis Vuitton: It’s a bit like thinking of your items as building blocks. First of all lay everything you want to bring to get a better overview. 

You then start with hard and heavy things like shoes and box clutches. Put them at the bottom of your suitcase – near the wheels – on the edges, so they create a frame. This helps distribute the weight evenly throughout the bag, which prevents items being damaged in transit. Then start stacking upwards and finish with light and delicate pieces on top. 

Best tip – roll don’t fold. It creates more space and avoids creases when rolling clothes that are not fragile – like jeans or cardigans. Use them to fill the gaps.

Stuff your shoes with socks and underwear and put your jewellery in the same place (I store mine in a small cotton dust bag before putting them into my shoes). Bonus – your shoes hold their shape on their way to Paris. Fold your belt and hide it in one of the many secret corners you create when building up the suitcase – or roll it out and drape it along the sides of your suitcase, that way it takes up no space at all. It’s almost impossible to pack a white shirt without it being wrinkled upon arrival – here how you do it: Turn out the collar and fold with another shirt like a t-shirt or a thin knit to act like padding. Voilà. 

Try it out next time you pack – I promise you will find it very efficient. 

Photographer Sascha Oda

Louis Vuitton Art of Packing 1 NOUVELLE.jpg
Louis Vuitton Art of Packing 2 NOUVELLE.jpg
Louis Vuitton Art of Packing 3 NOUVELLE.jpg


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