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Streamline Your Beauty Routine

Being obsessive with beauty means that I have way too many products – I don’t mind as I love testing new things and rarely stay true to a product too long (exceptions are made off course). But – if you would like to spring clean your beauty cabinet – read on. First of all – create a bare essentials routine – it will save you both money and time once you get to know which products work for you. 

Start by listing your needs. Divide them into am an pm needs. I’m not one for less is more on the product side, but there are always room for a spring cleaning ( I am aware the calendar says June – but today felt like October). Start with am:




Eye cream

Day cream with SPF

I also you a lotion to prep my skin – more on that here – and a facial spray (my favourite is the Eau De Beauté from Caudalíe), an eye serum. but you can do with less. On very sunny days you should add extra sun care with SPF 50 to avoid sun damage. 


Cleanser (same as am) 

Serum (same as am)

Eye cream  (same as am)

Night Cream

I off course splash on tons more, but you can actually get by with 5 different products. For example I double cleanse at night. That means I use my Clarisonic with a foam cleanser (same as am) and afterwards wipe my face with a micellar lotion – my number one is Bioderma – perfect for anti-redness.

If you want to minimize your product range – go for double duty products. Multiple products like cream that already has SPF. You should once in a while treat your skin to a mild scrub and a facial mask. A great double product is Rudolph Care’s Acai Facial Scrub Mask – use it as a scrub and leave it on to work as a mask. You could skip your night cream and use a sleep mask like this one – but choose a mild one that gives lot of moist if you intend to use it every night.  

Happy spring cleaning. 

Picture from Harper’s Bazaar

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