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The Kubus Bowl

As you might have read on The Style Cavalry, Lotte and I have made a collaboration with By Lassen – us being ambassadors and having the opportunity to show their design in our homes – in our aesthetic. All products are provided by By Lassen and carefully selected by us. The Lassen brothers were very talented designers and were honoured with many awards and grants for their unique design and iconic architecture. By Lassen is a family business whose simple mission is to carry the Lassen legacy forward. 

This is the first of a series of interior posts that I hope you will like. My first choice of the many great products was the Kubus Bowl. The Bowl is based on original sketches by Mogens Lassen, and features elements evocative of the Bauhas school ( which I love), one of Mogens Lassen’s primary inspirations. The Bowl is a natural extension of the iconic Kubus candleholder, designed by Mogens Lassen in 1962. I like my home to be minimal and bright, so I often go for simple things in light colours as white. The bowl can be used for everything from keys to fresh fruit to green plants. 

Pictures by Thomas Degner

At home with Nouvelle and Maiken Winther.jpg
By Lassen Kubus Bowl & Tradition Marble Light .jpg
By Lassen Kubus Bowl small white.jpg

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