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Verso Super Facial Oil

Swedish cult skincare brand Verso, that I wrote about right here, now launches their product no.7 – a super facial oil. A nourishing oil with concentrated Retinol 8 complex, it contains healthy and rich sunflower and canola oils, that hydrate and moisturise the skin. The oil also reduce inflammatory tendencies and prevent the skin from drying oil. The oil comes with one case and four separate vials – spray three times onto your fingertips and smooth over face – the smart thing about the spray is that when you open up an oil you expose it to oxygen – this packaging keeps it intact and concentrated for maximum efficacy. The oil is lightweight, fast-absorbing and can be used every night – but if you have delicate skin I recommend starting with a few times a week as it is very potent. I use my Verso product every other day at the moment and that works very well of me – every day was to much for my sensitive skin. And hey – the packaging – I love it! So minimal. Read more about Verso here. 
Verso Super Facial Oil Nouvelle.png

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