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The Basic Wardrobe

If you are in search of the perfect basic wardrobe, that will get you through season after season with only small additions – read on. My perfect basic wardrobe off course has a minimal twist – so no prints and not that many colours. This is my idea of the perfect basic wardrobe. 

Key elements:

A white t-shirt – go for good quality – this will be washed – a lot. And a black. And a grey. And a navy.

A white button down shirt. Menswear style with a roomy fit. Same as above with colours. And a baby blue one actually. 

Crewneck cashmere sweater(s). On top of the list (and taking up a lot of my closet space) are the men’s sweaters from Uniqlo.

A little black dress – I would go for a very simple version – more boxy than body con. I staock up on models I like and take buy colours. 

A skirt – pick one that suits your figure – for me that’s a soft skater skirt – no minis for me.

Jeans – again choose ones that fit your figure – the 70’s may be back but you won’t see me in flares. Skinny it is. High waist.

A pair of boyish trousers.

A white simple lightweight shirt (think Cos and not a soft one with a pussy bow) 

A black thin turtleneck – I like the “short” t neck that doesn’t “strangle” me. 

Boyish coats – one wool, one short, one leather and one soft trench coat. 

Tops – go for tank tops in cotton or jersey and silk tops to wear alone or under knits or see through t-shirts. Again simple does it. 

A soft sweatshirt – at least for Sundays. 

Make room for items that you truly love – try a lot before choosing. This will help you create your signature look and we all know that a white t-shirt is not just a white t-shirt. Go for good quality so your items will last more than one season. Most important – everything should be comfortable. Go for mixable items that go well together. Stock up on favourites when they are on sale, but steer clear of bargains you don’t need. Impulse shopping is not the key. At least not for me. 

Make a mood board to pin point your style – like I also did here with a new season wardrobe revamp. This should consist of style icons – people you admire for their great sense of style or just a single look you love, campaigns, editorials, look book pictures or whatever does it for you. Click on the arrows below to see a selection of perfect basics – my style. 


1. coat Acne Studios  2. dress Filippa K  3. shirt Acne Studios  4. top Balenciaga  5. t-neck Filippa K  6. skirt Chloé  7. t-shit Dagmar  8. pants The Row

Pictures from Pinterest

basic wardrobe nouvelle .jpg
Perfect basics nouvelle.jpg


  • Maria
    Tak for et super godt indspark til den gode basis garderobe. Jeg bliver faktisk en kende stresset af 70’er viben, der er over det hele, fordi det er så langt fra min stil, og hvad jeg har i min garderobe! Jeg er meget mere til klassiske items (og skinny jeans), men det kan godt være svært at holde fokus, når det frister med flares, ruskind og mønstre i alle web shops og editorials. Men i sidste ende ved jeg, at det ikke kommer på i hverdagen, og så er pengene jo spildt. Så tak for reminderen og god aften 🙂
    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • maiken
    Hej Maria. Tak 🙂 Jeg ved præcis hvad du mener – et held for mig jeg kan få det udlevet lidt i min styling engang imellem – men jeg har faktisk tænkt på at lave en indlæg om hvordan man kan få lidt 70’er ind i garderoben – på en minimalistisk måde. Det må jeg lige få set på 🙂
    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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