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Copenhagen Fashion Week is just around the corner so I wanted to share some of the pictures I did last season in Copenhagen. One of the best shows was Mads Nørgaard and I went backstage to have a sneak peak before the show. The collection is crisp and sporty with vests, track skirts, cotton shirts and suiting elements borrowed from menswear. Fresh shades of blue and white in a lean and athletic silhouette. Some volume in skirts, dresses and blouses – very cool. I had a quick talk with Hanne Gaby backstage and she told me that she really liked Copenhagen, but wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite spot in the world. “I think you should be able to be happy anywhere” she told me. When I asked her if she had any favourite designers she said no. “I have a lot of people that I look up to but not a favourite designer. I fall in love with clothes – not the person behind.” Well said. She uses only two products in her beauty routine she swears. Makeup remover and coconut oil. “I put coconut oil all over my body, once a day – every day.” Out Of The Blue is in stores now and will be online soon, so keep an eye out here. 

Hanne Gaby Odiele Mads Nørgaard show.JPG
Emma Oak.JPG
Mads Nørgaard spring summer.JPG
Mads nørgaard backstage.JPG
Veneda Budny.JPG
Kristine Froseth.JPG
Kirstin Liljegren Juliane Gruner.jpg
Veneda Budny Mads Nørgaard.JPG

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