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Navy & Frosted Gold

Samsung has just launched their Galaxy Alpha phone and I’m giving it a try. The design is in focus and it’s very elegant and sleek. Functionality is combined with a minimal design – right up my alley. The camera is amazing so it’s easy to take beautiful pictures without bringing my big camera. Real-time HRD lets you take bright and vivid shots – even if the light is not perfect. There is also an enhanced front camera to make sure your selfies are of the best quality.  Just as important it has smart features like Ultra-Power Saving Mode – which will come in handy when running around all day, whether it be during fashion week or the just as busy press days that are full on at the moment. It reduces battery consumption by shutting down unnecessary functions and turning of mobile data when the screen is off, ensuring the phone to work when I need it. Clever. The coat? Amazing blue wool coat from Yvonne Laufer x Muuse. Read more about the Samsung Galaxy Alpha in frosted gold right here. 

In collaboration with Samsung. 

Maiken Winther Nouvelle Samsung.JPG


  • Joshua Bredehoeft
    Maiken! That coat is EVERYTHING (and if I could underline, I would do so, too). I have a navy wool coat and gold phone combo this fall, too. Except my gold phone is a cheap Tiger case that’s chipping and looks like the same quality one would get from a plastic tiara thrown off the stage of a Dance Moms set. Thanks for keeping it chic when the rest of us are struggle busing. xx Josh
    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • maiken
    Ha ha Joshua – you are the best (insert a kissing smiley emoji) (underlined)
    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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New Editorial - Emma Oak