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Asian Face Massage

It all started when I discovered Wengie. I read that she massages her face with a spoon. Yes. A spoon. The benefits of facial massage is not new to me, but the spoon is. Facial massage can improve circulation and create a healthy glow, remove toxins and the tone of facial muscles. What Wengie want’s from the massage is a slimmer face – well I do too. You need a Chinese ceramic soup spoon, (it apparantly has the perfect shape for your face), and a good facial oil. If you have acne prone skin you can use a gel or remove the oil right after the massage. Since I need to get a spoon before I can try it myself, I found other Asian Face Massage tutorials on Youtube. This one is my favourite. I have no clue what they are saying but a beautiful Asian girls shows you how to do it. New routine – do this once a week. I can never hurt and my face felt great afterwards. I used the Estelle & Thild Rose Otto Facial Oil, it’s organic and contains jojoba oil, almond oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, blueberry seed oil, rose otto oil and natural vitamin e.You can also just use the Estelle & Thild face oil under your day or night cream, and it can be mixed with Rose Otto Facial Serum for an extra rich treatment. Shop Estelle & Thild here and good luck with your massage. 


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