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Nude Nails How To

As you know I’m into nude nails at the moment – did you see the perfect shade from Essie? To pull of the nude look you need to to fix your cuticles first and prep your nailsquick guide to perfect nails right here. First use Butter London’s nail foundation that makes the perfect base for any colour – read more about that here. Always remember a top coat to make it last more than a day and most important – a cuticle cream or oil. Nude nails need to be perfect and that also goes for your cuticles. If  you are not – like me – an expert in putting on the polish, invest in a nail coolish corrector. Easy. Good luck. 

1. Nail Lacquer MAC      2. Topcoat Dior       3. Nail Polish Essie      4. Nail Polish Clinique      5. Nail Corrector OPI      6. Cuticle Cream Eve Lom      7. Nail Foundation Butter London

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