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On The Road – Editorial

My latest editorial that I did on the Canary Islands in March with the best travel team ever. We had such a good time and I’m really happy with the result as well. Remember I showed you the perfect basic from Nørgaard Paa Strøget a while ago? Here it is with dungarees and sunshine. I love that look. But what I absolutely love the most about this story is the very very cute and very small horse that we found. I was so close to bringing him home with me. He could actually almost fit in my suitcase. See the rest of the story in the new Costume Magazine that is out today. 


Stylist Maiken Winther     Photographer Sascha Oda     Hair & Makeup Lasse Pedersen / Agentur     Model Adrianna / Scoop Models   

Maiken Winther stylist .jpg
Maiken Winther editorial costume denmark.jpg
New Editorial by stylist Maiken Winther.jpg
Editorial by Danish stylist Maiken Winther.jpg
Editorial by stylist Maiken Winther.jpg
Editorial by Danish stylist and fashion director Maiken Winther.jpg
Editorial by Maiken winther - stylist.jpg

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