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Céline Fall 2014 – The Hair

Guido – master of hair for Redken did the hair backstage at the Céline fall winter 2014 show in Paris – and I love it. So simple and yet so chic. Easy and minimal – just the way I like it. He used flex mess around 10, which is a new cream-paste from Redken, on the roots to give the hair a bit of hold and texture. “I wanted the product to hold the lines created as I raked my fingers through the hair. This technique made the style feel masculine in a way”, says Guido. I need to get my hands on that product. Well anyways you simply gather hair into a low ponytail with fingers, then twist the ponytail up until it twists over itself and secure with an elastic leaving the ends of the ponytail out. Apply hairspray and go. 
Céline aw 14 hair by Guido.jpg

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