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Raspberry & Lemongrass

It is that time of year again – time for the international Fashion Weeks. And next stop is Paris. There are a few things I always have in my bag – well actually the list is long, but three essentials is a lip balm (this season I’m giving the Mario Badescu Lip Wax a go), a pen for notes and gum. I will leave the gum at home and instead bring pastils from Läkerol. Their new flavour Raspberry Lemongrass taste great and are sugar free. A dash of spring. To launch their new campaign ‘Smag Er Smuk’, they have teamed up with three upcoming photographers, and have asked them to interpret the new flavour in an picture of their choice. Läkerol have followed all three photographers in the process, and that has lead to three films, that will be revealed on Läkerol’s Facebook page over the next three weeks. Instead of just making the campaign about raspberries and lemongrass, Läkerol has chosen to focus on taste. Taste is beautiful and it creates illusions, memories as well as en brief moment of joy. The final pictures from the three photographers, will also be revealed here so make sure to stop by right here

In collaboration with Läkerol


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