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My Skincare Wardrobe

So now I don’t have to worry about what my skin needs to wear at what time. Chanel has created a 24/7 skincare wardrobe consisting of three serums designed to restore the complexion to its optimal state. It is costumized to our weekly needs and together the serums synchronise skin’s natural rhythms for a smooth, supple and beautiful complexion. In th morning you use Le Jour that energizes the complexion for a lasting radiance throughout the day. Apply before your moisturiser. 

At night La Nuit soothes skin to encourage nightly recovery and restores moisture so your complexion appears supple upon awakening. Use it alone or under your night cream. 

Le Weekend enhances skin renewal by deeply exfoliating and boosts luminosity by richly hydrating for the week ahead. During the weekend apply morning and evening. No need to add anything else then Le Weekend. Easy. 

I have been very happy with my luxurious trio. My skin feels hydrated even in this horrible weather but  also sometimes I cheat and use Le Weekend mid week  for a bit of everyday luxury. And – they look damn pretty in my bathroom as well. Shop the Chanel serums here. 

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