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Cellulite Be Gone

I have tested a body treatment that hurt as hell. But it should work wonders. So from the start: I went to Nui Copenhagen to try the Sard Detox Body treatment where cellulite and tension is worked on with a suction cup. First the anti cellulite oil is applied and then Sara Maria, who owns Nui, strokes the suction cup upwards – five or six times in the same place. And it hurts. But be gone cellulite – so I hang in there. When it’s time for my back and my stomach there is no pain at all, so it was actually only my legs and arms that were painful. This is where you have the most toxins in your body and when I get a deep massage, these are the areas that hurt as well, so no surprise in that. 

But you can endure the pain and it goes fast and it does not hurt at all afterward. Then she takes a smaller suction cup and a different argan oil and treats you face and neck. This is not painful at all but very relaxing. She finishes with a very very good face massage so you forget all about your poor legs and arms and just feel like you are in heaven. I have the oil and the suction cup at home so I will be doing this every day for about two weeks to see how much I can improve my skin. Sara Maria recommends that you start with one or two treatments and then continue at home. Well here we go – I’m starting my ‘beach ready body project’ now! Read more about Nui Copenhagen right here


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