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Complexion Perfection

You found the perfect outfit already – now you just need perfect skin right? Here’s how to create that beautiful ‘barely there’ look in a few minutes.

First step is to use a good moisturizer. No matter how good your foundation is it will not look good on dry skin. Remember to exfoliate twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and keep skin hydrated at all times. If you plan on staying out very late it might be a good thing to start by creating a good base with a primer. This prepares the skin for foundation, smooths out imperfections and evens out the skin. To correct redness choose a primer that is green toned. Next step is foundation – if that feels to heavy for you – go with a tinted moisturizer. Make sure the colour of the foundation you choose has the right shade, otherwise it will look like a mask instead of blending in. When you set out to find the right colour – test on your jaw – not on your hands as there is a big difference between the skin tones. Blend the foundation in with your hands, a brush or a sponge, and make sure you don’t have any lines at your hairline, under your chin or on your jawline. Hide imperfections and dark circles with a concealer. Use it in the corner of your eye, under the eyes, in the small corners by your nose and your chin. Remember to get a concealer that is lighter than your foundation. Finish the look with a light weight translucent powder. Bring the powder and some blotting papers so you can easily freshen up your look during the night. Have a great party. 

1. Estée Lauder      2. MAC      3. Smashbox      4. Bobbi Brown      5. NARS      6. Yves Saint Laurent      7. Tromborg




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