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The Foundation – Kjær Weis

“This foundation just melts into the skin” says founder of Kjær Weis Kirsten Kjær Weis. The foundation is the newest addition to the line of organic luxury makeup. The foundation is available 5 shades and comes in the signature silver ‘KW’ compact, and is meant to be used with the Kjær Weis refill system. Its texture is silky and creamy and it leaves a pore less, porcelain finish and it can be layered depending on how opaque you want your makeup to be. It features these key ingredients; Sweet Almond Oil, used to moisturise and promote skin elasticity. Coco Oil, a natural moisturiser, Jojoba Seed Oil, rich in fatty acids that promote skin elasticity and reduces signs of aging. A cult favourite is born. You can buy it in Holly Golightly or here


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