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Beauty Feature – Tatiana Pajkovic

When I was in New York in February I visited the beautiful Tatiana Pajkovic – singer in Lovely Liar and model. She is Danish but based in New York and has the most amazing apartment in Williamsburg. She has travelled the world and has amazing beauty tips (I went straight from her apartment to Duane read and bought a load of products) and off course I will share them with you. Enjoy.

The smell of Dior

“I always use Dior Addict. I only spray it on my clothes – I don’t want perfume on my skin. My deodorant is organic and smells like rose. I choose one without aluminium as that is no good for the lymphatic system.”

The day after

“If I had a crazy night out, I always put a lot of aloe vera in my face before I go to sleep. I takes some of the kind of bloated look you can have when you wake up after a late night. If that is not enough I wash my face in ice-cold water and apply more aloe vera when I get up. Once a week I use ‘firm action mask’ from Ole Henriksen. It cleanses and firms and is especially good if you look like a bulldog when you get up in the morning.”

The travel kit

” I always bring Traumeel with me when I travel. I apply it once every hour when flying and then spray my face with moist spray from Evian. When I arrive at a new hotel I ask for some slices of lemon, put the lemon juice on a cotton pad and wipe my face. I leave it for a minute before washing it off. It works like a mini facial with fruit acid – it wipes away dead skin cells and cleanses the pores. I also always bring or buy coconut oil – it can be used for cooking, as a body lotion and I also put it in the ends of my hair after washing it. ”

Pirate nails

“My favourite nail polish is Le Vernis from Chanel in Pirate. For a more festive look I use a sparkling silver polish. I apply four layers so it really sparkles.”

The secret tricks 

“Mayonaise is a wonderful thing. Sometimes when I travel I bring home the small jars of mayonnaise you get on hotels and use them as a hair mask. Baths with Epsom salt is a must. The salt pulls toxins out of your body – if you don’t have a bath you can soak your feet in water and Epsom salt. If your skin is acting up you can crush zink tablets and mix in with your day cream – leave it on till it dries and then wash off. It removes all impurities.”

The healthy tips

“Vitamins is a must. Buy a good fish oil and vitamin B. Vitamin B is the skin loving vitamin. I also always eat a minimum of 1000 mg vitamin C every day and if I travel a lot or feel ill I eat 8000 mg. boom – it works! Otherwise I’m try to live as organic as possible and I’m a big fan of Raaw Handmade in Williamsburg. She makes her own boudoir and cleansers. I use a shampoo with rosemary that makes your hair grow faster. You can also buy rosemary oil drops – with out alcohol – and put a few drops in your shampoo. Massage it in well – it will make the roots of your hair happy. I have also tried a supplement called Viviscal that really works on your hair. I was a vegetarian and was not getting enough protein so my hair was getting thin – Viviscal made it so much more healthy.”

When travelling

“I always buy Ducray when I’m in Paris. A stop at the pharmacy is a must. I don’t have problem skin but the Creme Regulatice fixes my face in 3 weeks if you have trouble skin after travelling or too much stress. Also the cult Embryolisse cream, Nuxe lip balm and dry oil – perfect for summer legs.”



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