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So for the last month or so I have been using these products. I normally mix products as I can’t stop bying them, but I wanted to give Sensai from Kanebo a try all at once. 

There are four steps to this routine – you start with the double cleanse – first you remove your makeup with the ‘Silky Purifying Cleansing Balm’, then you cleanse with ‘Silky Purifying Facial Wash’. I use my Clarisonic with the soap. Step 3 is the Lotion II Moist – it prepares the skin and maximises the effect of the following products. It is like putting water in your face and really gives your skin lots of moist. Step 4 is eye cream and cream. For daytime I apply the ‘Hydrachange Cream’ – a light gel cream that contains hyaluronic acid and calms the skin. It’s very fresh and absorbs quickly. At night I use the ‘Lifting Radiance Cream’ that is thick and very luxurious. It lifts and gives a youthful glow. It might seem like a lot of products but every steps only takes a few minutes and your skin feels amazing after every use. 



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