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Lara Stone & L’Oreal Paris

Lara Stone is one of my favourite models and I dream of doing an editorial with her at some point in my life. She is also the new L’Oreal Paris spokesperson. Lara is 29 and was discovered at the age of 12 on a trip to Paris. She is married to British actor David Walliams and became a mother in May. Here is a small Q&A with her.

Q: What is your best memory in your career so far?

A: From the start, my career has been an amazing journey: I had the chance to visit truly amazing places and to meet super talented artist. I think the best memories I’ll keep from the turmoil of my first years as a model are those of all the shows I did! It’s been a while though, so I probably picture the whole thing a little bit nicer than it used to be, but I can tell you that we had a blast! We had an amazing time!

Q: Was modeling a dream for you when you were a child? 

A: Not really to be honest. Fashion was a complete different world from where I stood, and didn’t really exist in our little village. I hadn’t heard of Vogue till I was 16!

Q: Who is your fashion icon?

A: Kate! Definitely. 

Q: What are the beauty products you can’t live without?

I love the new skincare serum Skin Perfection. It leaves my skin flawless and silky. For me, a fresh musthave before I take on a new day. In makeup, I can’t live without the Color Riche L’Extraordinaire lipstick – shade 601 – which both colour and moisturize my lips in a brand new way. For my hair, the Elsève Extraordinary Oil gives this extra shine and texture that makes the difference. 

Q: What is your favourite nail polish?

A: Since I’m Dutch I always like to wear some orange shades. Especially as orange is part of our national colours. 

Q: What is your workout diet if any?
A: I’ve been using James Duigan’s Clean & Lean cookbook loads, I love all his simple, healthy and tasty recipes. I work out at the gym with a trainer, I am a yoga person and I eat really healthy dishes. 

Q: Do you have any beauty secrets?

A: It’s not a secret – lots of sleep and plenty of water.  

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