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Beauty Feature – Vibe Sørensen

Vibe Sørensen is PR Manager at the Danish beauty brand Tromborg. I love the products and Vibe knows them very well, so I had a closer look at which of them are her favourites. 

I love my skincare products from Tromborg, I can’t live without my facial mask’s. Mud mask for deep cleansing and Multivitamin mask for lots of moisture and glow to the skin. The Eye Gel reduces puffiness and Dark circles and it saves my day if I look a little bit tired.

My Body Lotion is like whipped cream on the skin and I love the scent so much I use EDT Stratus because it has the same notes.

I am a big fan of nail polish and I change color very often. Some of my favorites at the moment are Frigg, Morfeus, Tellus, Aveta and Artemis from Tromborg.

My makeup is always very natural, my favorite products are my Mineral Foundation for a flawless finish, Eyeshadow Velvet for everyday wear and combined with Eyegrease Lightning for going out, all from Tromborg.

Creamy Lip Cheek Eye in the shade Peachpuff is perfect to create glowing peachy cheek and add color to the lips, I use it every day during the summer. 

The perfume from Marc Jacobs is so pretty to look at on the bathroom shelf and the scent is heavy with flowers.

My Room spray gives a lovely scent to the rooms, it is clean fresh and it disinfects the air.


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