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Clarisonic – 60 second cleanse

Today this little miracle will hit the beauty shelves in Denmark. The little wonder cleanses your skin 6 times better than cleansing with your hands, it minimizes the appearance of visible pores, reduces oily ares, dry patches and skin blemishes. Still it is gentle enough to use twice a day. The Clarisonic has more than 300 movements per second so it only takes 60 seconds to cleanse your skin. You simply wet your skin, apply your favourites cleansing product to the brush and gently and slowly move the Clarisonic, in circular motion – 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on nose and chin and then 10 seconds on each cheek and voilá. It automatically makes a little sounds when you have to change area and it stops after 60 seconds. To cleanse your neck and decollete you simply start it again. If you have dry patches on for example your upper arms you can also use it here. This one is the MIA2 that comes with a small charger and a travel case so I can bring it when I travel. You can get different brush heads that fit your skin type. I can’t wait to get started on my new routine. You can get it here. 

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