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Fall Favourites – Alexandra Carl

Alexandra Carl lives in London and is one of the best Danish stylists I know. She has impeccable taste so I asked her to pick 5 fall favourites for NOUVELLE.

1. Ganni’s oversize silhouette coat fits really well with the grungy look, which I’m a big fan of this season! With its beautiful checks it will be a perfect addition to my black wardrobe.

2. You just never go wrong with Acne’s wide legged trousers. Grungy yet elegant and at least they keep your legs very warm 😉

3. I’m a sucker for good hats and this one from Wood Wood is definitely my favourite this season. Great fit and I love the boyish look of it.

4. These Chloé boots are an old classic, I just never get tired of. Even though I’m over the whole studs obsession these are still so cool and timeless – they are the essence of rock and roll. 

5. Since I saw this beautiful collab between talented homegirls Trine Tuxen & Stine Goya I’ve been dying to wear this earring and now finally its available. Classic and uber cool.




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