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7 Day Juice Detox

Ever consideret doing a juice detox? I have thought about it for a while but I haven’t been able to manage getting up super early to do 3 litres of juie for the rest of the day. So I was of course thrilled to discover that Unpluggede Juice now offers several juice detox programs, where you simply pick up the juice and put it in your fridge. Super easy. They have a dietician who they developed the juices with, so you are sure to get the right amount of vitamins, proteins and carbs. Some of the juices are pure fruit, som pure veg and some mixed. I did the 7 day detox and it was hard, but somehow not as hard as I imagined. The first three days I expected headaches etc., but was actually fine. I was hungry, but then I would drink a juice and I would be ok. The juices were yummy and I didn’t have to think about cooking my next meal or anything so I had extra time everyday. The first four days were ok but day 5 almost killede me. Headaches, stomach ache, tired and not feeling well. I went to bed early and actually woke up on day 6 feeling light and fresh. I had to go to Stockholm to do an editorial and having a 17 hour work day, with everyone else drinking coffee and snacking on set was quite a challenge, but I managed. I liked all the juices except one that contained broccoli, so I cut that one out so on my last day I drank my juices but also had a bit of youghurt and some fruit and it was fine. At the end I felt lighter, less puffy, less bloated and I got full faster than usual, so I ate less than I would normally. I lost around 2,5 kg which is ok for 7 days ( I did no workout what so ever). You should plan your days and start at the weekend so you can stay at home the first couple of days, Do not plan eating with others – it’s too hard. Make sure you get enough rest and don’t have a overly busy week at work, but other than that you don’t have to prepare anything. Just pick up the juices and go. I will definitely do the detox once more come fall. Maybe not the 7 days but maybe 3 days just to reset my body after a lovely summer with too many ice creams. Read more about the Unplugged 7 Day Juice detox here.
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