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My New York – Amanda Noergaard

When I was in New York during Fashion Week in February, I did an editorial with the beautiful model Amanda Noergaard. She is 21 and has been living in New York in Soho for 3 years. I asked her about her favourite places in New York.

Which is your favourite restaurant?

“Pure Food & Wine on 54 Irving Place. It’s raw food and being a vegetarian I love that. They have big great salads and everything there is just delicious.”

Where do you go for drinks?

“Nights & Weekends on 1 bedford Ave has a great atmosphere. Kind of surfer ish. They play old Bob Marley records and make really good margaritas.”

What is your favourite area to shop in?

“Soho with out a doubt. They have all the good stores like Isabel Marant, Alexander Wang, Barney’s and so on. Also I go to Williamsburg as they have lots of small shops with great jewellery. I don’t really have a favourite designer – all of my t-shirts are from Gap and I buy my jeans in H&M and I mix a lot of brands. I really like Isabel Marant, but if I should choose one designer it has to be Nicolas Ghesquière – everything he did for Balenciage was brilliant.”


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