False Lashes?

Are you wearing false lashes? I have always been blessed with naturally long and healthy lashes but still, I did not say no when asked if I wanted to try neu Lash. Everyone was talking about it so of course I was not to say no. I started using it every night before I went to bed and the results came earlier than expected. I could see the difference easily and kept applying the serum every night as prescribed. But one day my assistant looked at me and asked me if I had fake lashes? I have never even tried fake lashes, so the answer was of course – no. I had a closer look at my lashes that evening and I felt they were actually too long. So I am now only using the serum every other night. First world problems to have lashes that are too long…. But anyways – you should try neu Lash. It is expensive but it lasts a long time and the results are amazing. 

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